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Indoor Air Quality Specialists in McDonough

What comes to mind when you think about air pollution? Smoke stacks? Car fumes? Pesticides? You may be surprised to learn that the air quality inside your home is actually more polluted than the air outside. Recent studies indicate that indoor air contains approximately five times more allergens and pollutants than outdoor air. But before you go holding your breath, you can breathe sigh of relief – you’ve come to the right place. At Alliance Heating & Air Conditioning Services, we are a leading HVAC company in McDonough, committed to improving indoor air quality for homeowners in our region.


We offer a variety of services that can help improve the air in your home, including:

  • High-efficiency Filters: We spend a great deal of time indoors breathing in pet dander, dust, and pollutants. High-efficiency filters can help prevent these particles from recirculating in your home.
  • Whole-house humidifiers: A whole-house humidifier works in conjunction with you HVAC system to help manage humidity levels in your home. When properly installed, it can help ease respiratory infections, aid with skin problems, and protect wood floors and furniture.
  • UV light: UV light has proven to be highly effective at killing bacteria and mold on the coils of your cooling system.

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At Alliance Heating & Air Conditioning Services, we know what an important role our services play in the health and comfort of our clients, and we take our work very seriously. When you team up with us, you can expect quality service, delivered on time and at a price that fits your budget.

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